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Design Lab Rules

Below you can see the rules for Design Labtm. The rules listed below is a long text, but it is good to read so that you feel confident when entering the competition and competing for the main prize. The rules will be updated in the beginning of year regarding different aspects, e.g. the competition stages.

DIGITAL CAMERA and Innovative Design

The Design Lab competition rules are published on the Design Lab website in the beginning of the competition together with the brief. By following the rules the competition is conducted in a fair and equal way. Should it come up during the competition that the submissions have not been entered to the competition according to the rules, the issue will be addressed and the competitor may be removed from the competition.

Electrolux Design Lab ® is a global design competition arranged by Electrolux. Participation is open to applicants from every country worldwide and who are registered undergraduate and graduate design students (persons who are officially registered as undergraduate or graduate – Bachelor’s or Master’s degree – students at university at the time the design idea is submitted or who has completed an education during current year ). The registration opens 1st March and the deadline is 6th April current year. Registration is free and applicants must accept the competition terms and conditions. By registering you accept the terms and conditions below. Please observe–in particular– the conditions applicable to the intellectual property rights to the submitted competition entry (the “Work”).


1. Awards & Acknowledgements

The submission deadline for the competition is 6th April current year. The brief for current year is Creating Healthy Homes with three focus areas: Culinary Enjoyment, Fabric Care and Air Purification. The best submissions are published on the Design Lab web site and can be promoted in social media thus offering the students an opportunity to reach a global audience. The student selection process will take place in stages. The students will develop their concepts throughout the competition, post and share new content, They can write a development blog as well as receive feedback from experts at Electrolux during the selection process. The winner of the competition will be chosen by a jury of world renowned professionals.

First Prize: 5,000 Euro and a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre. The components of this prize cannot be awarded separately. Second prize: 3,000 Euro. Third prize: 2,000 Euro. The People’s Choice winner will receive a cash prize of 1,000 Euro. All cash prize awards are paid gross/before income tax.

The internship is to take place the next year after the winner has been chosen, either from January to June ( current year ) or from September current year to February next year. Once taking part in the competition, the contestant also signs of to agreeing to this choice of internship periods.

2. The Jury & Design Criteria

The jury choosing the winners is composed of experts and industry leaders. The jury will award designs and concepts which best meet the judging criteria mentioned in the brief.

It s important to note before entering the competition, that the submissions should be the applicant’s own creation, shall not currently be in production and shall not previously have been published or exhibited (if a product, accessory or a consumable) or a working business (if a service or a solution).

3. Registration and Verification

The competition is an individual competition, meaning that group entries will not be accepted. Applicants are asked to submit only one piece of work.

4. Submission Stages

The competition is conducted in stages. The first submission stage is open for all students and graduates from a design school. After the first submission deadline only the submissions that are chosen for the next stage remain in the competition. There will be more information provided regarding the submission stages in the beginning of next year.
Stage 1: Submit a Concept Idea, a Sketch and Consumer Motivation
Deadline 6 th April current year.
The best submissions are chosen by Electrolux professionals – the profiles of the applicants and their submissions are published online and receive feedback from Electrolux professionals (see more info in section 7). Read What do I submit for more information regarding the requirements for the submission.

5. Evaluation criteria

The Electrolux Design Lab panel will focus on the following key criteria when looking at your design:
Does the design truly answer the brief?
Does it encompass intuitive design?
Is it innovative?
Has it been based on consumer insight?
Is the concept aesthetically pleasing?
Additionally, and in keeping with the heritage of Electrolux, your concept should reflect Scandinavian design values by being sensitive to the environment, meaningful and relevant, whilst providing intuitive ease of use.
– If you take part in the contest you will be asked to verify your attendance and your student credentials.

6. Electrolux Involvement during Submission Stages

Electrolux professionals will give feedback to the student submissions before the final event. The applicants may or may not choose to take the feedback into consideration when developing their concepts. The feedback will be provided at each selection stage if the submission is approved to go through to the next stage in the competition. The written feedback will be a few sentences and will be written on the profile page of each applicant. If the submission is not chosen to the next stage, the applicant will receive a message via e-mail.

7. Developing the Submission

The applicant may develop their concept on the page while they are in the competition. If the applicant does not make it to the next submission stage, no more material can be uploaded to the site. The applicant may delete their profile at any stage of the competition, thus withdrawing themselves from the competition. If the applicant does not delete their submission, Electrolux has the right to keep their submission on the page. Electrolux reserves the right to delete all inappropriate content from the submission page. Withdrawal from the competition does not relieve applicants from adhering to and accepting these terms and conditions.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

The applicant represents and warrants that the Work submitted is his/her own creation and that the Work does not include nor infringe any third party intellectual property rights.
The applicant grants Electrolux a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, unrestricted right to use the Work free of charge for any purpose. The applicant grants to Electrolux an exclusive option to, by February 1, current year acquire the intellectual property rights to the work in accordance with the conditions in section 11. If Electrolux does not exercise the option, the intellectual property rights shall be vested in the applicant and the applicant shall be entitled to use his/her work as of February 2, current year.

The applicant acknowledges that Electrolux shall not be put in a less favourable position than if the Work had never been presented to Electrolux. The extensive design and development work carried out by Electrolux could touch upon the same or similar idea to that which is submitted as part of the Work. Therefore, the applicant acknowledges that the know-how, which is already within the Electrolux Group when the Work was submitted or, which at a later stage and independently from the Work will be developed by Electrolux or, which Electrolux otherwise benefits from, can be used without restrictions and that such use will not infringe the applicant’s intellectual property rights.

9. Publicity and Promotion

Electrolux Design Lab is a global design competition receiving wide media interest around the world. By entering the Electrolux Design Lab competition, the entrant understands that the submission material is made publicly available and will be able to be shared by the entrants, general public across any and all media channels and the Internet.

Any entrant to the competition may be asked to take part in publicity and promotional activities for Design Lab. By entering the competition, the entrant is accepting that their name, concept descriptions, project details, images and footage can be used for publicity purposes. The entrant may be asked to take part in interviews. The entrant will have the right to decline any opportunity which they do not wish to be personally involved with.

10. Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights if Electrolux Exercises Its Option

If and when Electrolux exercises the option set forth in section 8 above, the applicant shall assign free of charge, the intellectual property rights to the Work on the conditions set forth in clause 10.

Legal title, any and all intellectual property rights in and to the Work are finally and fully assigned and transferred to Electrolux.

The applicant represents and warrants that (i) the applicant is the sole owner of the Work, (ii) the Work has not been and will not be assigned or transferred, (ii) no licenses to the Work have or will be granted and (iii) the Work is and will remain free from any and all other encumbrances of whatever kind or nature.

The assignment and transfer shall include all methods and forms of use and exploitation, including any and all new technology and it shall not be limited in time or territory.

Electrolux may, in its sole discretion and without informing or consulting with the applicant, (i) change, alter, amend, add to, delete from and otherwise modify, including but not limited to, any and all cuts, edits, rearrangements and other alterations, additions and deletions, (ii) assign and transfer or license the Work.

Electrolux shall not be obliged to use, publish or otherwise communicate the Work to the public.

Electrolux may, in its sole discretion, take any and all measures to verify, document and protect its proprietary rights in and to the Work, including, but not limited to, any and all filings and submissions with any registry or any other relevant authority. The applicant shall assist Electrolux in taking such measures.

The applicant waives any and all present and future claims for moral rights in and to the Work, to the extent permissible under applicable law.

Electrolux shall in its sole discretion, have the right to defend, compromise and settle any third party claim relating to the Work. The applicant shall cooperate fully with Electrolux in connection therewith.

The applicant shall immediately upon becoming aware thereof, notify Electrolux of any and all possible or alleged third party infringements on Electrolux’s exclusive right in and to the Work as well as any and all third party claims in relation to the Work.

11. No Reimbursement or Employment

Applicants are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement for any costs. The applicant’s participation shall not constitute employment, assignment or offer of employment or assignment.

12. Use of the Applicant’s Personal Data

Electrolux will use the personal data you submit in connection with the competition for the purpose of administering the competition and evaluating the Work. If you have any questions with regard to the use of your personal data or want to amend your personal data, please contact designlab@electrolux.mk and electrolux@t.mk 52.Box Bitola 7000 Macedonia RTV NABBA Macedonia Electrolux

13. Non-disclosure

The applicant hereby undertakes to keep secret and not to disclose to any third party, and not to otherwise use the Work submitted in this competition under these terms and conditions.

The applicant acknowledges that any disclosure to third parties of the confidential ideas included in the Work may jeopardise the possibilities for registering the intellectual property rights to the Work. In the event that the applicant has disclosed any such confidential ideas to third parties before submitting the competition entry, the applicant undertakes to inform Electrolux immediately of the nature and extent of any such disclosure.

This non-disclosure undertaking shall remain valid until Electrolux informs the applicant that Electrolux will not exercise its option to acquire the intellectual property rights to the Work according to section 10 above.

14. Commercial Authorisation

By taking part in the competition, the finalists’ authorize Electrolux to use their surname, forename, university name, photo and Work for any commercial purposes.


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